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Structural Simulation

Our team, specialized in numerical simulation using the finite element method (FEM), turns his experience and knowledge in the structural simulation services that Klueng Engineering offers.

Due to the evolution of computational power of modern computers, the application of numerical simulation methods are becoming more accessible and popular in the actual industry. The computer-aided engineering (CAE) tool is needed to develop optimal products and processes demanded by the modern globalized world, winning quality and competitivity.

Another application of this type of tools is the solution of defects in products and processes, through the virtual analysis to find the cause of the failure and fix it.

Here are some typical applications, the most popular in the world of simulations that can be carried out. In your right you can find some application examples. Donīt hesitate to tell us your need through our contact page.

Structural Analysis Analysis of mechanical efforts (stresses and displacements).

Structural Analysis Static analysis of parts or assemblies.

Dynamic analysis of parts or assemblies.

Linear and nonlinear materials response.

Modal analysis of parts or assemblies (natural frequencies).

Thermal analysis (transient and permanent).

Thermo-mechanical analysis (considering displacement generated by thermal expansion and the mechanical consequences on the structure).

Contact simulation between components of an assembly.

Adaptive meshing (applied in large deformation simulations).

Centripetal / centrifugal forces.

Simulation of viscoelastic and hyperelastic materials.

Impact analysis.

Sheet metal forming simulation.

Stress state due to bolt load.

Stress state due to interference fit between pieces.

Structural calculation.

Stress concentration analysis.

Weight optimization of parts and assemblies.

Vibration Analysis (through frequency analysis and dynamic analysis)

Application Examples

B149 - Compressor Housing
keywords: modal analysis, natural frequencies, mode shapes.

B184 - Bulldozer
keywords: stress analysis, hydraulic actuators effort, lifting curve.

B192 - Clip
keywords: stress analysis, deformation analysis, contact, nonlinear analysis, plastic piece.

B191 - Rotor
keywords: stress analysis, centrifugal force, centripetal force, critical speed.

B189 - Crankshaft
keywords: stress analysis.

CAE stress analysis and structural simulations videos


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