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Plastic Injection Simulation

This tool takes a fundamental importance in any project that aims to be competitive, obtaining an overall outlook of the mold and process behavior before its conception and execution, achieving an optimized mold and a succesful initial set-up of the process, as well as the convenience of a material over others.

Applying these tools finally all converges to costs reduction and a shorter product launch.

Here are some of the results that can be obtained, as we always say please tell us your need through our contact page.

  Filling time and its evolution.

  Clamp force and injection pressure.

  Evolution of the cavity pressure.

  Freezing time of the gate.

  Fibers orientation (in filled materials).

  Volumetric Shrinkage.

  Sink marks on the surface.

  Warped geometry of the piece.

  Weld lines.

  Cycle time.

  Optimized process data-sheet. (Example: When speaking of numerical simulation are usually not considered other kind of simulations like the process of injection molding, which can be considered a particular case of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). Process Sheet)

  Circuit coolant temperature.

  Mold surface temperature.

  Time to reach the ejection temperature of the piece.

  Balanced filling of multi-cavities molds.

  Valved sequential injection.

  Balanced filling using flow paths.

  Maximum shear rate that the material undergoes.

Application Examples

B151 - Opening Handle Mask
keywords: injection optimization,  thickness, weld lines.

B172 - Cavities Balancing
balancing of cavities, clamp force.

B179 - Complete Container
keywords:  balanced filling, thickness, flow paths, deformation, warpage, final geometry.

B183 - Air Intake Cover
keywords: cooling optimization, ovalization, volumetric shrinkage, final deformation, warpage, shrinkage, cycle time reduction.

B196 - Plastic Box
keywords: warpage, gap, interference, assembly.

B197 - Remote Control Cover
clamp force, cycle time, material temperature, warpage.


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